Teviot Medical Practice (Hawick) 

Hawick Health Centre

Area Covered:
Hawick and surrounding area including Lilliesleaf, Ancrum, Southdean, Teviothead, Buccleuch, Ashkirk, Chesters, Carter Bar, Mosspaul, and Craik Forest.

When are we open?:
The reception is open Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm

Consulting Times
Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.45pm
Wednesday Evenings 6.30pm - 8.45 pm

How to contact us:
01450 370999 General Tel.
01450 370999 Appointments Tel.
01450 370999 Out of Hours Tel.
01450 371025 Fax
01450 361000 Community Nurse
01450 361000 Health Visitor
01450 377449 Hawick Health Centre Pharmacy

Staff List:
Dr Catherine SC Elliott (GP)
Dr Alistair A Palmer (GP)
Dr Douglas M Rolland (GP)
Dr Paul Lockie (GP)
Dr Lesley J Morrison (GP) 
Dr Rachel L Boon (GP)
Dr Joel Barker (GP)
Dr Robin Kerr (GP)
Dr Rachel Seville (GP)

Making an appointment: 01450 370999
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Appointments may be arranged during working hours by calling at or by phoning reception on 370999.  Patients who feel they have a medically urgent problem should phone reception on 370999.  Patients who feel they have a medically urgent problem should phone reception.  Reception is authorised by the Doctors to obtain basic information about the reason for the request in order to allow clinical staff to prioritise care appropriately.

Routine appointments are scheduled at twelve minute intervals.  However once you are registered with the practice it is preferable if you continue to see the same GP.  You may book appointments with any of the doctors within Teviot Medical Practice if the doctor you normally see is absent.

Out of hours: 01450 370999
If you require help Out of Hours regarding an urgent medical problem phone NHS24 0845 24 24 24. If you call Teviot Medical Practice a recorded message will give you the phone number to call NHS24.

Home visits:
If you are housebound and require a home visit please telephone the surgery before 10.30 am if possible.  Please inform the receptionist of the problem so that the visiting doctor can assess how urgent the visit is.  A contact phone number is essential as the doctor may ring you to assess the situation further.

Repeat prescriptions:
Repeat prescriptions can be obtained without an appointment when your Doctor has chosen to provide the medicine by issuing a reorder form attached to your prescription.  When you need your prescription renewed, please bring the form to reception before 11.00 am if possible, and allow two full working days for the request to be processed.  Repeat prescriptions are sent to the local Pharmacy of your choice.  We do not accept requests over the phone for safety reasons and to improve telephone access to the Practice.  Please keep reorder form in a safe place (e.g. with your medication) but if lost repeats may still be requested on handwritten notes (without an appointment).  Medicines not pre-printed on your re-order list may not be processed in two working days and may not be issued.

Results of Tests:
Our receptionists are authorised to give the results of tests to you (and only you due to the rules governing confidentiality) unless you would prefer to discuss these direct with your Doctor, Nurse or Nurse Practitioner. Please ring between 11.00 – 12.30.

These should be addressed to the Practice Manager or your GP. Suggestions to improve our service to patients are always welcome. Complaints are always taken seriously and handled according to Teviot Medical Practice Complaints procedure.

Clinics List:

Children's Clinic
Cytology/Well Woman
Vascular Clinic
Elderly Screening
Foreign Travel Information including Yellow Fever
Chronic Disease Clinics in the areas of COPD/Asthma/Diabetes/Hypertension/Vascular (stroke, heart disease and peripheral vascular disease)/Chronic Kidney Disease
Lifestyle Advisor Support Service
“Doing well” Advisory Service
Health Promotion/Education
Minor Surgery - Carried out under local anaesthetic in the Health Centre

Where are we:
Mrs Susan A Mackenzie
Practice Manager
Hawick Health Centre
Teviot Road
01450 370999 General Tel.