Borders NHS Board

The Board is responsible for providing health care services to protect and improve the health of the people of the Borders and plan services for the local population. Other roles include to:

  • focus clearly on health outcomes and people’s experience of their local NHS system;
  • promote integrated health and community planning by working closely with other local organisations; and
  • provide a single focus of accountability for the performance of the local NHS system.

Throughout its work, NHS Borders is committed to forging effective links with all its partners in care, such as patients, staff, local communities and disadvantaged groups, so that their needs and views are placed at the heart of the design and delivery of local health services.

Borders NHS Board functions include:

  • strategy development: to develop a single local health plan which addresses health priorities;
  • resource allocation to address local priorities and determining how Borders resources are deployed to meet strategic objectives;
  • implementation of the local health plan;
  • performance management of the NHS Borders health system.

The Board meets every two months and the meetings are open to the public. Click here for the dates and venues for the Borders NHS Board meetings.

Key documents relating to the Board and the performance of the Board can be found by clicking the links below:

More of our corporate documents can be found under our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Calum Campbell

Chief Executive

John Raine


Pat Alexander

Non-Executive Director

Eric Baijal

Joint Director of Public Health

John McLaren

Employee Director

Cllr Catriona Bhatia

Non-executive Director

David Davidson

Non-Executive Director

Jane Davidson

Chief Operating Officer

Karen Hamilton

Non-Executive Director

Evelyn Fleck, Nurse Director

Evelyn Fleck

Director of Nursing & Midwifery

Carol Gillie

Director of Finance

Karen McNicoll

Non-Executive Director

Stephen Mather

Non-Executive Director

Sheena MacDonald, Medical Director

Sheena MacDonald

Medical Director

June Smyth

Director of Workforce
& Planning

Doreen Steele

Non-Executive Director

David McLuckie

David McLuckie

Director of Estates & Facilities

Iris Bishop, Executive Assistant & Board Secretary

Iris Bishop

Executive Assistant & Board Secretary