Orthopaedic Department

What we do:
The Orthopaedic Department covers orthopaedic, fracture and appliance clinics as well as inpatient orthopaedic surgery

When are we open:
The outpatient clinics run Monday to Friday at various set times. Ward 9 covers the inpatients.

How to contact us:
01896 826000 General Tel.
01896 82692 Appointments Tel.
01896 826000 Out of Hours Tel.
We also have another office - Orthopaedic Out - Patient Deparment - 01896 827120.

Area covered:
The entire Borders area is covered but we will with consideration take patients electively from other areas.

About our services:
The Out-patient clinics run on an appointment system which allocates each patient an individual appointment time.

How to access our services:
Your GP will refer you to the department or you will be given a follow-up appointment from an A&E attendance

Where are we:
Orthopaedic Department
Borders General Hospital
01896 826000 General Tel.