Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (Andrew Lang Unit, Selkirk)

 Andrew Lang Unit Selkirk

What we do:
The Andrew Lang Unit is the base for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in the Borders. It provides assessment, treatment and support for children, young people and families who are having problems.

Area covered:

About our services:
The unit is based in Selkirk, but members of the team hold clinics in health centres throughout the Borders and first appointment are arranged as near as possible to where the families live. Arrangements for subsequent appointments will be discussed with the family as we sometimes ask to see children for individual appointments or longer-term work at the Andrew Lang Unit where there are specially equipped playrooms.

What Problems Do Families come with?
Children, young people and their parents often experience a wide range of emotional and behavioural problems, which can include getting on within the family, at school or with other people. Some children and young people may suffer from more severe mental health problems such as anxiety states, eating disorders or depression.
It is important for children and families to understand that they are not the only family who are experiencing difficulties.

What Families Can Expect
The member(s) of the Team who meets with the family will ask what has been happening recently and the families views about the problems or difficulties they have been experiencing. They will also ask about the child’s early life and general family life so that a full picture can be built up.
Information will be given about the possible causes of the difficulties and how the family may be helped. Options available will be discuss with the family according to the child’s needs. These can be from a wide range of treatments including individual counselling, psychotherapy, family work, behaviour management, skills training or medication.

What should the family tell the child?
It is important that the family tells the child what they are concerned about and that they have asked for help. The child should be told that he or she will not have a physical examination and that the person they will see will want to know what he/she thinks about the problem.

Who should come to the first appointment?
We like to invite everyone living at home because we find it helpful to hear everyone’s point of view about the problem. There may, of course, be matters that a member of the family does not want to discuss in the family group and these can be discussed separately. We will decide at the end of the first meeting whether we will continue to meet up and if so, as a family and/or as individuals.

Who will know what is discussed?
All issues discussed with us will be treated confidentially within the Andrew Lang Unit Team. Your GP (or the person who made the referral if this is different) is provided with a summary of what has been discussed and informed of future plans and progress.
If issues arise that concerned the child’s safety we may be obliged to discuss this with other professionals who may then become involved. As far as possible this is done with the family's knowledge and agreement.

Contact Details:
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