NHS Borders Single Equality Scheme & Action Plan

The Single Equality Scheme is a plan to help make sure that NHS Borders treats all people fairly. This means respecting the human rights of everybody NHS Borders has contact with, whoever they are. The plan aims to make sure that nobody finds it hard to use our services or work with us. The Scheme provides our starting point (baseline evidence) on the Borders population, volunteers and NHS Borders staff. This information will help us measure how well we are doing and alert us if there is more we can do to improve things for certain groups.

To make sure we are doing what we said we are going to do, we have an action plan which can be found on page 25 of the Draft Single Equality Scheme.

Have Your Say

NHS Borders want to hear what patients, public and staff think about this plan. Please let us know what you think by completing the response form below or by submitting your response in whatever format you like. Please respond by 22 July 2011.

Download the Draft Single Equality Scheme here

Download the Consultation Response Form here